Emergency support

Proactive monitoring 24/7, 365 days a year

Computer systems, as effective as they are today, can and do go down unexpectedly, and will be costly and unproductive to your business until you have an effective plan and proper IT systems in place. Busted Networks will provide you with that safety net. Often, IT issues can be averted when the correct proactive measures are put in place. Proactive monitoring 24/7, 365 days a year, is especially critical to avoiding viruses, spam, Malware, etc. – the culprits that can cause havoc, loss of productivity and financial hits to your business. Old technology can also interfere with a business’ productivity. We partner with you, as your de facto, in-house IT Department, by listening to your needs, understanding your business and addressing your short and long-term issues, all within your timeframe and budget.

Our commitment is to deliver fast, effective Emergency Support in your time of need. For general issues, we have you covered Monday to Friday, and for the most part, we can help you with a telephone call. Going on an annual maintenance package enables regular proactive monitoring 24/7, and will reduce emergency call out fees. In addition, we use software products to avoid computer demons and subsequent downtime. Backup and Recovery are needed to avoid data losses, particularly when it comes to client information and important documents. Last but not least, providing awareness and education to your staff on best practices can mitigate and often avoid IT issues altogether. The expression “forewarned is forearmed” is key to avoiding Emergency Support.

IT Services

We listen to your needs.
We make recommendations and present a proposal to suit your budget.

We make sure that all your IT systems are fully streamlined.

When the unforeseen occurs we can respond quickly.

We offer Managed Hosting and Email support.

Proactive Maintenance/Installations/
Upgrades/Managed Services.

Available Monday to Friday.