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There’s almost nothing worse in business than not being able to access your computer or smart phone. It inevitably happens at the worst possible time. Business and productivity stop, and frustration begins. We at Busted Networks work to prevent computer outages by proactively setting your systems up to avoid failure to the highest degree possible. Proactive monitoring, spam filtering, firewall configurations and operating system updates, along with standard physical data centre security measures and staff education are all integral pieces of keeping your IT systems operational. By hosting, we mean monitoring your data systems off-site to catch potential issues before they turn into show-stopping problems. Security is particularly important when it comes to storing personal client and business critical data.

The May 2018 announcement of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) has made the protection of client data even more important and not following its mandates can lead to fines unless you can prove you did everything in your power to keep client data safe and secure. Full back-up and storage is essential because losing data is very costly and can affect a company not only monetarily, but also productivity-wise and in the devastating loss of customer trust. Emails come with many potential threats today as there are a lot of scammers out there trying to get you to open mail and attachments you shouldn’t be opening, as well as those who try to hold you ransom. Busted Networks ensure that your staff is thoroughly educated about best email practices, including changing passwords frequently and making them complex to avoid being compromised. Email and Hosting Support are probably the largest sector of our business because they address the basic protective devices and measures to avert emergency situations in the first place.

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