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Microsoft Ending Support For Windows 7 Within Year

Windows 7

In just under a year the Microsoft support for Windows 7 will end. This support includes security and service patches, technical support to the operating system and other components which keep you safe online and in the office. Without these, your PCs will become more vulnerable to security risks ...

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Windows 10 Version 1803 Coming to a PC Near You

Windows 10

Here is an update to Windows 10 that Microsoft has released in the last few weeks known with the snappy title of 1803. The previous version was 17XX i.e 1709. This update gets automatically downloaded by all Windows 10 PCs and then installed often, but not always ...

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I Didn't Send You That Spam Email!

Windows 10

How do people get spam emails from me that I didn't send? This is a question that comes up weekly at Busted Networks. Essentially, email is a free for all as regards the sender's address. Here is an analogy with the regular letter post to explain it ...

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Ransomware - Help and Advice

Windows 10

You may well be aware of the unprecedented outbreak of a Ransomware which hit the news over the weekend. Ransomware encrypts your data and then demands a ransom to get the key to decrypt it. Once your data is encrypted the options are either to pay the ransom ...

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General IT Housekeeping

Windows 10

It's always a good time for the spammers with their direction changing - more recently, from the banks to eFax and Voicemail scams. These usually take the form of 'eFax message from "unknown" - 3 pages' with an invite to click on a link or ...

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