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If your Network, Servers or PCs ever go wrong, we fix them - fast.

Computer Networks are vital to every business, small or large.

Networks are much more than the cables that connect the printers, scanners and PCs to the server. A network is a complex machine comprising many different components designed and selected to integrate fully.

At Busted Networks we realise that you may have a different situation; with PCs, printers, scanners and servers bought at different times. The odd bit added here and there, a firewall, virus and spam checker, security, and back-up. You may have a variety of different software, probably with different software issues. We can optimise it all or start again.

All networks need to be maintained, enhanced, optimised and from time to time repaired. We do that too.

We know from many years managing networks for our clients that businesses demand a reliable, high integrity network and no worries.

Busted Networks manages your network so that you use your time, money and skills to make a profit. Network management comprises five key areas. Busted Networks is always there to help.

Survey > Install > Support > Enhance > Maintain

Busted Networks is a management resource of experienced business professionals who know how sole traders and SMEs operate. The team is backed up by knowledgeable engineers and fully trained technicians to implement the solutions.

Planning and Implementation are both vital.

We provide the network you need, enhance it and evolve it as your business needs change.